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  ABOUT Azer0  


We are Azero, the international business services provider executed by top creative minds. We are here to serve.


Azero Hotels

Azero Hotels is the provider of top notch “Work and Play” Concierge services. We offer both Enterprise and Personal membership options.


Azero Online

Azero Online represents our digital footprint. Azero Online is made up of a number of digital platforms designed to address your Enterprise and Personal needs in the most efficient manner possible. Broadly speaking AO is split into two groups, the Azero Boutique, and Azero Services:


Azero Boutique

The Azero Boutique is our online marketplace for products we feel good about, including products our members wish to display. We operate digital marketing programmes to assist our members to increase the awareness and reach of their products as well as providing a frictionless e-commerce platform.


Azero Services

The Azero Services platforms represent an ever growing family of online services, provided either directly by Azero Hotels or our members. Venture online and have a look.



Connecting the best in people, enterprise and ideas. At Smart.Magna our aim is to enable disruption at your business and design change that will assist you to achieve great success. Smart.Magna is the brains of our organisation. Call us an incubator with a strong digital expertise.


Smart Artists

Smart Artists, offers representation, management and legal services for artists worldwide.