The AlexWorldClub interview Danny Caran, inspirational artist designer in Treviso Italy

Born in Serbia, Danny is a contemporary artist working and living in Italy. Founder of the DannyCaranStudio, Danny is currently working on a number of projects,
but concentrating on two main collections, “Erotique” and a captivating series of “Equestrian Art”.

I met Danny in Belgrade in July 2017 for the first time, and I knew immediately why I had fallen in love with her art and why I had wanted to write about her unique style: she is simply amazing. Her art is freedom. It is air, it is passion, style, elegance. And above all it is naughty in such a refined and elegant way, so that her art plays with our emotions, taunts us, want us to be involved.

Meeting Danny with her husband Ezio and having spent a grand evening all three together in Belgrade, I understood her secret: Danny is every drawing she draws, she was given the gift to be able to draw out her thoughts, emotions and desires for us to see, be part of, to share. If there would be one artist that captures so completely the essence of the female sensuality, this would be Danny Caran.

So I decided to ask her a few more questions to make a piece I could send my friends all over the world introducing lovely Danny and her beautiful art. I also commissioned my first four pieces for myself, my beautiful dancers.

1. Danny about you as an artist?
Hi. To be honest I look back and think, Wow I didn’t know I could do all that. I enjoy the process of creating my imagery, accomplishing one by one all of the phases till the piece is ready, following my daydreams, visions and my heart. I always strive to produce my own vision of harmony on paper, and in this respect luck is essential. My task is to find the solutions no one expects to see.

2. What is your background?
After finishing the School of Art & Design, I moved to Stockholm to attend a one-year Graphic Design course. I then moved to Rome, then Naples, finally I discovered the medieval town of Treviso near Venice.

3. How would you describe yourself
I’m always changing with the world, drawing and creating for the future not for the present.I also love to show what I do and my enthusiasm for life keeps me young.

4. What about your work?
My style has continued to evolved over the years and I have now, what I believe is my signature art style that is recognisable as mine. My Artwork is modern, unconventional, intriguing, stylish, detailed, va-va-voom, magical and different. I have spent hours constructing minute details with extreme care and passion. Every piece is Unique and comes with certificate of authenticity signed by me. Every piece is deposit as Original and protected as a unique creation by SIAE the Italian copyright agency.

5. Where do you get your ideas and inspirations from?
I’m always attracted by the new, new places, new people with interesting perspectives, interesting conversations, and all of this give me the positive energy to create. Real Life events offer me rich inspiration.

6. You exhibit your work in elegant Venetian Villas, creating Erotic Art shows in collaboration with other professionals and performers. Why not some Gallery?
I’m wild souI and I prefer not to limit my Art inside Gallery spaces, they’re just not fit for me, and I do not think I am a fit for them. I just love to exhibit in private Clubs or Special Events, or in Venice during carnival time. The Magic and Mystery of Carnival gives Venice an enchanted atmosphere, hiding our visible selfs and presenting our creative side. I’m always ready to spend an evening filled with music, masks, fun, enlivened by performers, enjoying a cool cocktail.

7. What are you working on the moment?

Right now, I am working on a series of Equestrian Art Deco drawings on commission. I got commissioned to draw by a lovely person who wants to stay anonymous. I start with a few pieces and we decide to enlarge the project adding new figures and dynamics. I love being creative and I have a lot of fun expressing the Equestrian Lifestyle. A horse is the symbol of power, the symbol of the free spirit, in constant motion without beginning or end, because that is the nature of life, a never-ending evolution.I am also planning a Solo Show for the upcoming year that will include my most significant artwork from the past several years.

8. Your work is very feminine, very sensual, are you wanting to provoke your audience, to send a message?

I have created an imaginary reality around my characters, my intention is to enhance the beauty of a sensual and wonderful world where every touch, every caress, every pinprick…seems multiplied by a thousand.

9. I have to ask 🙂 Is your art a way to release your natural sensuality as a woman?

Yes, exactly. I combine my passion for drawing with listening to my inner-voice and intuition to release the sensual playfulness and the divine feminine power.

10. Hey, tell me more about “Erotique”

“Erotique” is a collection with a sexual theme, and The Collection includes:

The “Secret Rooms” (N°303 / N°507 / N°501 / N°401 / N° 405) where everything is possible! Provocative figures show desire and seduction through playing surprising and capricious erotic games. Many of the characters wear mysterious masks which go back to the Venetian times of erotic promiscuity. I believe magical, sensual and erotic mixture of characters will ignite feelings of passion and desire in any spectator. Erotic Stars in “Constellation”: close your eyes and imagine your darkest pleasure. These Erotic Stars will draw and seduce you there and pull you into a secret place that is only available to a select few. Each star is free to do as they please without any inhibition. Each plays their own unique game of pleasure.

11. How did the idea of “Erotique” come to you?

Some time ago I created my first line called Astro Pinups. The twelve provocative astrological signs in flirty and seductive lingerie, ready-to-hang in Limited Edition. Astro Girls grabbed the attention of the audience and I got my first private kinky commission from Australia. It was my pleasure to put the client’s desire on paper. After one more commission, I decided to expand this theme and I started with drawings of the Secret Rooms.

12. Wow! So do you have any future projects?

He he, yes! I have teamed up with VESTHOLM a Danish based creative collective, and Sascha a member of the gay underground movement in Berlin with a view to produce a set of pieces, drawings, and photographs of the sensual gay life. Sascha first approached me with the idea, having seen the “Erotique” collection; he immediately asked me why I didn’t create a series promoting gay sensuality. The guys at Vestholm agreed to participate and now we are working on the underlying story on which the series will be based. Each series should have an underlining story, and Berlin offers the perfect backdrop for our project.

13. Where would you like to be artistically in 10 years from now?

The future of art is uncertain. I’m doing what I love, and I want to continue to do what I love for the rest of my life. I need to create, to express, to give life to the ideas inside me. Hope I never miss a moment of inspiration about life in general. I also hope that the future will continue to surprise me in a good way.

14. Where can the public see and buy your work?

The public can view and order my original work online at online shop https://www.artfinder.com/danny-caran or DM for private commissions: info@dannycaran.comhttp://www.dannycaran.com/Follow me on Instagram, for the latest from my studio on https://www.instagram.com/dannycaranstudio/

15. Ok, tell me more about you, what do you like to do after you finish work?

When I work I need to be completely disconnected from others. After I finish work I need to be surrounded by the entire family and friends. I appreciate people who inspire me in different ways.

16. What do you do to relax?

I like to take a walk in the old medieval city and in the late afternoon, before dinner, I enjoy a traditional aperitivo, Aperol Spritz. The Aperol Spritz or Lo Spritz as it is called in Italy is an essential part of the pre-dinner ritual while sitting in the piazza with friends enjoying the little moments of life.

17. What is your favorite holiday place?

I like to take a walk in the old medieval city and in the late afternoon, before dinner, I enjoy a traditional aperitivo, Aperol Spritz. The Aperol Spritz or Lo Spritz as it is called in Italy is an essential part of the pre-dinner ritual while sitting in the piazza with friends enjoying the little moments of life.

18. Tell me about your husband Ezio.

Vincent is his full name, redhead, dynamic personality, funny and my real support in life. We meet in 1992 in “Academia”, a popular nightclub in Naples, then we took a crazy car drive around the city. Driving in Italy is a wild experience, but Napoli is on another level. No rules.


My pleasure is breaking the rules, it’s the nature of my wild soul.

Danny, it has been a pleasure. I am a fan!! please keep surprising us and provoking our senses with your work!